Surfin on hells waves

Surfin on hells waves


Datum Vrijdag 7 november 2008
Locatie Jeugdhuis Comma
Plaats Brugge
Start 20u30
Type Fuif

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Spot presents:


met NO MO TREVNO (Gent-Winnaars O-Vl Rock Concours '07) & FROLIC FUDGE (Brugge,Beernem)


started a few years back as an instrumental surf-rock band, set up by guitar-player David Demaegd and drummer Pieter De Wilde. Soon Cindy Barg, an American singer, accompanied them. She has a unique voice and can produce a professional portion of decibels. She acquired a lot of experience while singing with bands like Blue Blot, Ozark Henry, Skeemz and Merle&Mabel. She is able to pump the necessary soul, blues and jazz into the sound of No Mo Trevno, a sound that is also put to perfection by monstrous bass player Yves De Mol and the excellent guitarist Jakob Haghebaert (along with Pieter he once founded the death metal band Illyrian, 2nd place Humo’s Rock Rally 2002).

This team of five practiced hard and developed an individual sound in which influences of surf-music are mixed with thunderous rock, groovy funk and dirty punk.
No Mo Trevno has been able to build up a strong live reputation and has earned the audience’s respect with many performances in Ghent.

In 2006 No Mo Trevno won the Demopoll (a contest on the popular radio station Studio Brussel) with the instrumental song ‘The Hitster’. In 2007 NMT won the ‘Oostvlaams Rock Concours’ competition! In March 2008, their first single ‘Soul Power’ is launched. This evidently shows that No Mo Trevno does not only evoke admiration while performing on stage, this band also creates a spectacular wall of sound in the studio.


is an instrumental "surfrockfunkypartyband" and started of in april 2005 with Thomas on guitar Kobe on drums and Sven on bass.

Thomas and Kobe allready play for years together and a while whit a second guitarist under the name Tijuana.
But he left and they kept on playing and searched for new musicians.
Then Sven joined, started of reahursel and working on a set with some covers and making our own tunes.

After 6 months rehearsal we allready had our first gig. It was a bbq for lifeguards somwhere in Brugge. What a fun we had! The band before us was a hardcore band and the band after us was a wedding coverband. The singer was a maffia pimp kind of guy, but they were cool. He had a suit that looked for real but it was plastic... no shit. I don't now why i'm writing all this?probable because i'm high and having fun thinking abouth it. Up till now we played at several places and things keep going better.

For the moment we're still with the 3 of us, but who knows someday we'll expand and new people maybe join us. We'll see...



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